Places to Visit in Jammu & Kashmir, India
Wullar Lake
Considered the largest fresh water lake in Asia, Wular Lake is a major tourist attraction in Kashmir. It is located around 33 Kilometers form Srinagar city. This Lake is a natural wetland fed by river Jhelum and acts as a natural flood control mechanism too. Surrounded by lofty snow capped mountains and coniferous trees it provides the perfect setting for a boat ride, stroll or trek which ever you prefer.There is also an old 15th century ruin on a man made lake at the center which was created by King Zain-ul-abidin

Fish lover and Bird watchers are in for a delight. This area, along with the surrounding wetlands acts as a winter breeding and resting ground for migratory birds. Wular is house to a large no of resident birds and accounts for 60% of the state's fish production.

Kathi Darwaza
Shankaracharya Temple
Hari Parbat
Nagin Lake
Hazratbal Mosque
Jyeshtheshvara Temple

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