Places to Visit in Taipei, Taiwan
Daan Forest Park
Daan Forest Park or Daan Park is a public park located near the centre of the Daan District of Taipei, Taiwan.The park occupies twenty six hectares and is bordered on its North, South, East and West by Xinyi Road, Heping Road, Jianguo Road and Xinsheng Road,respectively.The park is used by residents of Taipei as a green activity space and for various outdoor activities.The park was created in 1994 after the eviction of longtime squatters and the demolition of illegal buildings on municipal land, not by mayor Chen Shui bian, as is often cited, but by his predecessor, Huang Ta chou.

Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Walls of Taipei
Discovery Center of Taipei
National Palace Museum
National Taiwan Science Education Center
Guling Street Avant garde Theatre
Museum of Drinking Water

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