Places to Visit in Taipei, Taiwan
Lin Family Mansion and Garden
The Lin Ben Yuan Family Mansion and Garden in Banqiao District, New Taipei City, Taiwan was a residence built by the Lin Ben Yuan Family.It is Taiwan most complete surviving example of traditional Chinese garden architecture.The Lin Family Mansion and Garden along with the Tainan Wu Garden, Hsinchu Beiguo Garden, and Wufeng Lin Family Mansion and Garden are collectively known as the Four Great Gardens of Taiwan.This residence can be traced back to 1847, at the time a rent house for the Lin Ben Yuan family in the north.It was later expanded by the brothers Lin Guohua and Lin Guofang , becoming the residence of the Lin Ben Yuan family.Currently, the Lin Family Mansion and Garden is under the joint responsibility of the Executive Yuan Cultural Construction Committee, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Transportation and Communications Tourism Bureau, Taiwan Provincial Government, and the New Taipei City government for protection and restoration work, who have additionally designated it as a Class 2 Historical Site.

Chinese Culture and Movie Center
National Taiwan Science Education Center
Museum of Drinking Water
Sun Yat sen Memorial Hall
National Theater and Concert Hall
Daan Forest Park

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