Popular Easy to Grow House Plants
Grow these no-fuss houseplants to bring life and color to your home
1. Aloe Vera
There are over 250 species of Aloes in the world, mostly native to Africa. They range in size from little one inch miniatures to massive plant colonies consisting of hundreds of 2 foot diameter plants. The most commonly known is the Aloe barbadensis, better known as the Aloe Vera. All Aloes are semi tropical succulent plants, and may only be grown outdoors in areas where there is no chance of freezing (USDA zones 10 11). However, they make excellent house plants when they are given sufficient light. Container grown Aloe plants benefit from spending their summer outdoors. Older specimens may even bloom, producing a tall stock covered with bright colored coral flowers.
2. African Violet
African Violets were first collected from eastern Africa and Tasmania in the late nineteenth century. Their attractive, velvety foliage, compact growing habit and wide variety of long blooming flower colors have made the African Violet the most popular flowering house plant in the world.
3. Aluminum Plant
Aluminum Plants are fast growing, easy to care for plants that branch freely and grow 12inch 18inch tall. These plants have 3inch, deep green, lance shaped leaves arranged in pairs along their upright, succulent stems. The fleshy leaves are accented with bold bands of metallic silver.
4. Amaryllis
Nothing can break the gloom in the dead of the winter like a beautiful blooming House Plant. Of all of the flowering bulbs, the Amaryllis is the easiest to force into bloom. Their large, showy flowers, and easy care make the Amaryllis an extremely popular gift plant during the holiday seasons.
5. Arrowhead Vine
Syngoniums are fast growing vines that grow to about 3 ft. Easy to grow plant for bright indirect light or light shade. Allow rich, well draining soil to dry before watering. Pinch tips to induce bushiness. Green, copper, and variegated varieties are available.

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