Precaution while using LPG
The following precautions must be taken while using LPG cylinder.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Comparison with natural gas
LPG is composed primarily of propane and butane, while natural gas is composed of the lighter methane and ethane. LPG, vaporised and at atmospheric pressure, has a higher calorific value (94MJ/m3 equivalent to 26.1kWh/m3) than natural gas (methane) (38MJ/m3 equivalent to 10.6kWh/m3), which means that LPG cannot simply be substituted for natural gas. In order to allow the use of the same burner controls and to provide for similar combustion characteristics, LPG can be mixed with air to produce a synthetic natural gas (SNG) that can be easily substituted. LPG/air mixing ratios average 60/40, though this is widely variable based on the gases making up the LPG. The method for determining the mixing ratios is by calculating the Wobbe index of the mix. Gases having the same Wobbe index are held to be interchangeable.

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