Precautions while using Bleaching
Precautions while using Bleaching . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Side effects of Bleaching
1. It can let to burned skin or irruptions on skin if not used carefully. The quantity of activator must be according to guidelines.
2. Keeping bleach more than 15 minutes can also harm your skin, be sure to remove the bleach from your face within 15 minutes.
3. Bleaching should be done not more than once in 15 days. In addition to this regular bleaching takes away the glow from the face and gives it a pale shade. But not to worry. For regular use you can use homemade facial bleach. While chemical bleach gives you an instant fairness. Homemade bleach may take its time but it can be used regularly and it is safe for use. Moreover homemade bleach will also give you a glowing face.

Clean your facial skin
Why is bleach used
Hydroquinone side effects
Lime juice and honey homemade facial bleach
Know that bleach can burn and irritate the skin
Wear sunscreen everyday
Carrot and lime juice herbal facial bleach
Apply the paste

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