Precautions while using Centrifuge
these procedures for working with a centrifuge safely.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Safe Procedures for Centrifugation
Before centrifugation 1 Train each operator on proper operating procedures, review the user manual. 2 Use only rotors compatible with the centrifuge. Check the expiration date for ultracentrifuge rotors.3 Check tubes, bottles, and rotors for cracks and deformities before each use. 4 Make sure that the rotor, tubes, and spindle are dry and clean. 5 Examine O rings and replace if worn, cracked, or missing. 6 Never overfill centrifuge tubes (don t exceed ? full). 7 Always cap tubes before centrifugation. Always balance8 buckets, tubes, and rotors properly.9 Check that the rotor is seated on the drive correctly, close the lid on the centrifuge, and secure it.10 When using swinging bucket rotors, make sure that all buckets are hooked correctly and move freely.

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