Precautions while using Electrical Equipment
Safety Rules for Working with Electrical Equipment .. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Check that the electrical equipment is in good condition
Check that the electrical equipment is in good condition. The HSE booklet Maintaining portable and transportable electrical equipment will help you do this. A fire safety plan is required by all North American national, state and provincial fire codes based on building use or occupancy types. Generally, the owner of the building is responsible for the preparation of a fire safety plan. Buildings with elaborate emergency systems may require the assistance of a fire protection consultant. After the plan has been prepared, it must be submitted to the Chief Fire Official or authority having jurisdiction for approval. Once approved, the owner is responsible for implementing the fire safety plan and training all staff in their duties. It is also the owner s responsibility to ensure that all visitors and staff are informed of what to do in case of fire. During a fire emergency, a copy of the approved fire safety plan must be available for the responding fire departments use.

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