Precautions while using Facebook
Facebook is an online social networking service headquartered in Menlo Park, California.
6. Review Your Privacy Settings
Facebook tends to revise its site a lot and when that happens, it sometimes resets everyones default privacy sharing options. Facebook defaults tend to overshare your personal information, so if you havent looked at yourFacebook privacy settingsin a while, you really should review them. At the very least, make sure your default sharing option is set to Friends and not Public. And be sure to use the audience selector tool when you post material if you want tomake Facebook privateso viewing is restricted to only your friends.
7. Keep personal info personal
Do not share your personal information with a website you do not trust. If you are sharing you personal details social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc then make sure to customize your security settings and only allow people you trust to view this info.
8. Limit viewers
Make use of the privacy settings of your social networking account. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have very strong privacy settings; make sure to set your privacy settings whenever you are sharing new pictures, posts limiting the view to close friends or family.
9. Make sure you know your friends personally
Be cautious before accepting any random friend request you have. Do not accept a friend request until and unless you really know that person. Do not make friends with people you do not know as this might land you in trouble some day. These strangers can access your personal information, view your photos and use it for some nasty purposes.
10. Never use the same passwords
Never use the same passwords that you use at work on a social networking site. Try to avoid mentioning where you work; so that if you mention something you thought innocent (but that might be valuable information for hackers) they will not know who to target. Be wary of what youre posting, if you use your pets name as a password anywhere do not post about it on your social networking sites naming it.

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