Precautions while using Facebook
Facebook is an online social networking service headquartered in Menlo Park, California.
11. Choosing a profile picture
Your profile picture is viewed by millions of user on the social networking platform. Thus, adding fuzz or smearing might help you in preventing misuse of your profile picture. Do not log on to your social network page from public computers such as internet caf
12. keep it safe
Ignore an email asking for your social networking account details. Do not ever provide your user id and password to such mail sender as they might be spammers. Do not automatically trust that posts are from who they claim they are; if your workmate sends you a private message asking for some confidential information first verify that he/she did really send you that message as their account might have been compromised.
13. Connected with friends
The social networking sites help us stay connected with friends, share photographs, exchange ideas and so on. Some people are so obsessed with social networking that they even tell what they had in lunch, who are the people they are meeting, what they did during the weekend and information so private and personal.
14. Use your privacy settings
Facebook has several privacy settings that allow you to share your pictures, videos and information with only a few people. You can make this distinction even for the people in your friends list. However, most girls are either not aware about this feature or dont really bother to make use of it. Prevent yourself, your pictures and personal information from getting into the wrong hands. Privatize the information you post on Facebook, reveal it only before certain trustworthy users.
15. Dont talk to strangers
There are plenty of weirdos and dangerous people out there. No matter what they say or do, dont believe them. The best thing you can do is, only accept friend requests from known people. If you really want to add strangers, make sure that you dont share any personal information with them. Also block them from viewing your personal pictures.

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