Precautions while using Facebook
Facebook is an online social networking service headquartered in Menlo Park, California.
16. Watch your status messages
Dont use your Facebook status application as a diary by typing all your plans for the day. The world doesnt need to know where you are up to for the day. You never know if it is read by a wrong person, what they might do. Keep that information only for your close friends and family.
17. Keep changing your password often
Facebook has an application that shows how strong the password you are using, really is. Make sure you always choose a password that nobody else will guess. Avoid using obvious things like your date of birth, name, boyfriends name and so on. Instead you can mix numbers and alphabets to make a really strong password for your Facebook account. Your password is like the keys of your home, dont share it with anyone. Keep it only to yourself and change it often.
18. Always log out
Whats a bigger pain, logging in anew for each session or explaining how that offensive tweet got on the corporate account? Id let you consider it, but if you have to think about it, I dont want you in charge. Do not send confidential information through a social networking site even if someone who has legitimate access to that information asks you to. See point number 2. Beware of what links you click and what software you download and install. Do not trust links/software sent by your friends implicitly as they themselves might not be aware it includes malware or their account might have been compromised.
19. Dont be profane in your personal accounts
Anyone who knows me well understands that I can swear like a truck driver (those poor truck drivers get a bad rap by the way), but you will rarely see me swear in my public social media posts. I may get edgy here and there, but the fewer F bombs I drop, the smaller the risk of one slipping into the wrong social media stream. Its a personal choice with which others will differ, but I like to lower the odds (metrics!).
20. Reconsider hiring interns to do your social media
A lot of this, outside of the mechanical mistakes, is relying on the judgment of someone representing your brand. Im not going to say a 25 year old cant manage your social media (and people on my teams might fall into that age group; you all are exempt if you read this, of course), but I will say that maturity

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