Precautions while using Facebook
Facebook is an online social networking service headquartered in Menlo Park, California.
21. Impersonation is rampant Beware
The anonymity provided by the virtual world and fear of being stalked often prompts people to impersonate. A considerable number of Facebook profiles are fakes and people often withhold correct information about themselves or provide wrong ones. Do not reveal your real name while chatting; instead use a pseudo/nickname as your username. Avoid provocative nicknames as it tends to attract wrong attention.
22. Do not share pics
Do not share your pics in chat rooms as they can be misused. Identity theft is a grave issue and can have dangerous repercussions. Always be sceptical and wary. If someone asks to be friends on a social networking site and the profile appears to match a work mate, check personally with that person before accepting him as he could be an imposter. Also be sceptical of any offers or prizes you might have been told you won, they might actually be phishing attacks.
23. Never have private chats with strangers
Do not leave public chat rooms and encourage private conversations unless you are very sure about the identity of the person you are chatting with. Chatting in public ensures someone or the other would alert you in case you are being harassed. Private chats can often be used by online bullies to harass you.
24. Check your social media pages regularly
Check your social media pages regularly. If there are any postings showing inappropriate behaviour, such as drunkenness, remove them immediately. If what you see concerns you, then investigate it. Talk to your customers on a regular basis about how your premises are perceived on social media sites.
25. Add only the people you know
It is extremely difficult to verify a users identity on the net, it is best to connect with people known to you. You can grow your circle gradually by connecting to friends friends, colleagues etc. Do not add unknown people to your contacts, they could be stalkers.

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