Precautions while using Facebook
Facebook is an online social networking service headquartered in Menlo Park, California.
26. Security weaknesses of add on features
Most of the advanced applications that you can add to your online profile are developed by a third party. Not all of them have air tight security and can damage your computer through trojans, worms and viruses. Adding lesser know applications may be a risk.
27. Danger of identity theft
Phishers and identity thieves might create fake profiles in order to get information from you. Only upload necessary and relevant information and do not make available sensitive data like intimate photographs, bank account numbers and credit card details.
28. Be vary of external links
Hackers can break into accounts and send messages that look like they are from your friends, but arent. Use caution while clicking links that you receive in messages. They could hold a virus in them or they could lead you to a phishing site.
29. Connect to the site with caution
Address of your networking site directly into your browser or use your personal bookmarks. Clicking a link to your site through an e mail or another website may lead you to enter your account name and password into a fake site set up to steal your personal information. Unscrupulous individuals use such sites to steal identities, stalk, spread viruses, form hate communities and hatch crime plans. You need to minimise your exposure to risks by taking reasonable precautions. Remember to practice safe social networking and you can fearlessly tap into the huge possibilities of a networked world.
30. Personal is personal
To start out with, the precautions to take when practicing online social networking is to keep your personal information personal. This means that any information that will identify you as a real persona and not just a name on the computer. This is your personal information and should not be posted on social networking sites. The information like your full name, your physical address and the routines you have made in you life should be kept away from online social networking.

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