Precautions while using Induction Cooker
Induction cooking heats a cooking vessel with induction heating, instead of infrared radiation.
1. Induction Cooker Safety
One of the latest technology developments in the kitchen is the induction cooker, a specialty stove top burner. Instead of employing a heating coil or a gas heating element for energy, magnetic energy transfers from the burner to the pot, causing the pot to heat up without warming the burner itself. Besides the instant heat, lower cost for energy and the fast and easy clean up, there are some benefits that beat them all.
2. What is an Induction Cooker
An Induction Cooker is a cooking appliance in which heat is directly generated in the cooking pan as opposed to heat generated by cooking gas. You can use your induction cooker anywhere. In fact you can call it a Mobile Kitchen, which is at your disposal whenever you want. You can use it on your Kitchen Platform, in your drawing room, your balcony, be it in an air conditioned environment or under the fan. All you need is an electric connection to turn it on.
3. Which kind of Vessels can be used on an Induction Cooker
All vessels which are flat and ferromagnetic in nature can be used on a Induction Cooker. The best way to identify which flat vessels are compatible with Induction Cooker is to check if it attracts a magnet, if it does then you can go ahead and used it on an induction cooker.
4. Is it safe to cook on an Induction Cooker
Bajaj Induction Cookers are absolutely safe and its cool touch body protects against all electric shocks. Infact cooking on Induction cooker does not result into gaseous fumes or flames and due to the absence of such fumes cooking with an Induction Cooker is absolutely safe. It is said that if complete circulation of air in the kitchen in a 10 x 10 Sq Ft does not happen 16 times, then the air is Stale. This kind of problem does not arise with Induction cooking as there are no Gaseous Byproducts involved.
5. Reduction in Kitchen Fires
The greatest safety feature of the induction cooker is that it will reduce the number of fires that are caused by the stove top elements to zero. This is because the element does not get hot, so nothing dropped or spilled on the element can burn. The only heat will be in the pot that sits on the induction cooker.

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