Precautions while using Mobile Phones
A mobile phone is a phone that can make and receive telephone calls.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Cell Phones
Cell Phones Lower Sperm Count
Can Cell Phones Cause Cancer and Disease
Limit the length of your calls on your cell phone
Balance the safety and convenience
Do not allow children to use a cell phone
Try to keep the cell phone away from the body
Avoid using your cell phone in places
Do not keep under the pillow
Minimal reduction of exposure
For longer conversations
Your cell phone to spread out your exposure
Avoid using your cell phone when the signal is weak
Limited use
Choose a device
Return to the cord phone orland line phone
Use a hands free device or wireless headset
Stay still when using a cell phone
Turn the cell phone off when not in use
limiting their usage toemergencycircumstances
Look for products designed to shield you as a cell phone user
Purchase a cell phone that rates as low as possible on the scale of radiation emissions
Avoid using a cell phone when sick or pregnant
Dont use a cell phone when driving
Use a wireless headset instead
lower radiation
Dont make calls when youre enclosed in metal
Return to the cord phone orlandline phone
Distance between the phone and your head
Never hold the phone directly against your head or body
Dont carry a cell phone close to the body
Beware of weak signal
Emits radiation
Biological effects
Effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields
Communicating using your cell phone
Use the speaker phone mode
Keep cell phones turned off unless absolutely necessary
It uses less power and exposes you less
Radiation and your mobile
The health risks
Reduce exposure
Mobile phone antennas and base stations
Use the phone only in conditions of optimum reception
Do not use the phone while you are in a moving vehicle
Do not keep a mobile phone beside the bed at night switched on
Avoided by anyone who has any metallic object
Make use of protective items to shield yourself from radiation
Make as many phone calls as possible using landlines
The radiation is more damaging

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