Precautions while using Refrigerators
A refrigerator or colloquially fridge is a common household appliance.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Keeping It Cool
The Temperature
Avoid extreme heat
Electrical installation
Use Voltage Stabilizer
Do not splash water
Do not use flammable sprays
Never store explosives and chemicals
Should you want to dispose off your refrigerator
Do not use Benzene
Do not spray the refrigerator
Do not clean the refrigerator with thinner
Unplug the power cord of the refrigerator
Cleaning and user maintenance
Do not play with the appliance.
When Moving Your Refrigerator
Remove the Packaging
The manufacturers installation instructions
Clear of obstruction
Do not use mechanical devices
Ventilation and installation
Leveling and Door Closing
Irreparable damage to the walls of the refrigerator
Daily cleaning activities
How to Clean the Refrigerator
Cleaning the Fridge & Keeping a Schedule
Daily Activities
Weekly Activities
Less Frequent Activities
How to Maintain a Clean Fridge
Are Natural Products Useful
Is Disinfectant OK to Use in the Fridge
Can I Use Ordinary Kitchen Cleaning Products
How Should I Clean My Refrigerator
Refrigeration technology
Keep Your Fridge Safe
Setting the Temperature
Keeping It Clean
Safely Enjoying Leftovers
Refrigeration Tips to Keep Your Food Safe
Refrigerator temperatures fluctuate
Spring Cleaning
Living With Leftovers
Use Your Refrigerator Properly

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