Precautions while using Securing Email
Take precautions when using Gmail or any other email service.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Secret questions that beg to be hacked
You were probably asked to create the answers to some questions when you opened the account. That way, being able to answer helps to prove that you are the owner of that account. But some of the usual questions and answers make things easy for a hacker to be able to answer them and change the password taking control of the account. For instance, a common question is what high school did you attend or what s your mother s maiden name. In cases like that a little Googling make it easy for a stranger to find the answer. Or the answer may be as close as your listing on or Facebook. Here s what to do. Create goofy responses. What high school did you attend? Why Walt Disney World, of course. Your mom s maiden name? Dracula.

Gmail accounts
Change back to the ways things used to be
Grow your database
Try to avoid mentioning where you work

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