Precautions while using WhatsApp
WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Set up a data bundle
Most Australian telcos offer discount bundles for travel, meaning that data will only cost a princes ransom rather than a kings ransom. If you know youll need data options, these can be worth checking out. Telstra cut the price on its packs earlier this year, but theyre still ruinously expensive. Optus has some good deals in Asia.

WhatsApp Access
Special Note to International Users
Use whatsapp privacy settings
Keep changing your password often
Manage your Favorites
Dont use non essential apps or sites
Do not share pics
Risks for journalists

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    In the old days, a ‘whipping boy' used to sit next to a royal prince in lessons. If the prince made a mistake, or did something wrong, the whipping boy was punished instead of the prince.
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