Problems Only 00s Girls Will Understand
Problems Only '00s Girls Will Understand. Why did Claires earrings always turn your ears green.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
But actually looking like this
Just because that fashionable celebrity sported crimped hair, you got your nice straight, soft, silky hair all crimped, didnt you little girl? That toothless smile on your face says that you are happy with the results. But those eyes seem a little disappointed that your crimped hair is not making you look as beautiful as that fashionable celebrity you tried to emulate. The little girl in this image is probably wondering why crimped hair is not looking as lovely on her as it does on that celebrity. The answer is the hair might look like noodles, but the girl is certainly appearing like a rosy angel

But then not being able to flirt with boys on MSN because your Mum wanted to use the phone
Figuring out what your most flattering webcam angle was
Who Wins the Game
Harry Potter Craze
Confiscations and Groundings
Small Watch Small Batteries
Which CD to Put
But actually looking like this

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