Problems Only 00s Girls Will Understand
Problems Only '00s Girls Will Understand. Why did Claires earrings always turn your ears green.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Thinking that crimped hair would make you look like this
But actually looking like this
Harry Potter Craze
Figuring out what your most flattering webcam angle was
But then not being able to flirt with boys on MSN because your Mum wanted to use the phone
Confiscations and Groundings
Girls and their profiles
Teen Girls and their Friends
Girls and Big Brother
Girls and Road Routes
Yeti Boots
Magnetic Earrings
Small Watch Small Batteries
White out Pens A Mess
VHS Woes
Shoe Problems
Gel Ink Pen Troubles
Marker Pens and Furriness
Which CD to Put
Mobile Phone Troubles
Hairy Scary Problems
Clippy Problems
Circle Belt And Circling Problems
Bracing Up for Braces
Who Wins the Game

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