Problems Only 00s Girls Will Understand
Problems Only '00s Girls Will Understand. Why did Claires earrings always turn your ears green.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Who Wins the Game
You are quite competitive, be it in your studies, after school activities and even in seemingly simple things like playing video games. You mother tells you that so much of competitiveness is not good for your health, but you know you cannot help it. That is why, when you were playing on SSX, were about to win and Kaori took you over, you let out a shriek of frustration and threw the joystick down. Your mother quickly barged out of the kitchen to scold you and ground you for behaving in such a silly manner. Will she understand that winning, every single time, is very important for you?

Circle Belt And Circling Problems
Thinking that crimped hair would make you look like this
Clippy Problems
VHS Woes
Shoe Problems
But then not being able to flirt with boys on MSN because your Mum wanted to use the phone
Gel Ink Pen Troubles
Who Wins the Game

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