Promise Day
Promise Day is celebrated on 11th February worldwide during the fifth day of Valentine week.
1. Promise Day
What are words if you really dont mean them when you say them? , goes Chris Medina s song. Doesnt it sum up the need to keep all your promises to each other? If you think that the person is the one for you, make sure you make the promise at the right time and keep it too. Make it unique by promising something really special to them under the moonlight or at the time when you are both immersed in the moment during your candlelight dinner.
2. Ring
Giving ring to your partner is a very awesome and great idea to promise her him that you will never break his her heart. You can also give ring to him her with your own promise.
3. Promise Day Handmade Card
Another great idea would be a self made Greeting card. This will impress him her as handmade greeting cards are very rare and the person whom you will give will love it surely.
4. Chocolates with Promise Cards
You can also give him her with some Cookies or chocolates with some promise cards.
5. Bracelets
You can gift her him a good looking bracelet and call it as a Promise bracelet with a promise of your choice. Tell him her to wear it till your relationship lasts.

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