Queen Victoria
Victoria was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 20 June 1837 .. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
The Young Queen
Weeks after assuming the throne, Queen Victoria moved to Buckingham Palace, where she began the business of ruling the nation. The young queens composure and confidence impressed the prime minister and the Privy Council (a group of high government officials and advisers to a monarch).The official coronation was held on June 28, 1838 amid great celebration. The public was enchanted by the new queen, who seemed more eager to please them than her predecessors had. A scandalous incident, however, would soon sway public opinion against her.The Lady Flora affair, as it came to be known, was the product of the young queens immaturity and lack of discretion. Victoria, among others, had noticed that her mothers ladyinwaiting, Flora Hastings an unmarried woman appeared to have a bulging abdomen. Queen Victoria jumped to the conclusion that Lady Flora was pregnant, and began to make comments about her to various members of her staff. The rumor circulated beyond palace walls.Within months, Lady Flora was gravely ill. When she died of an apparent abdominal tumor, the queen was blamed for having started the rumors that had brought dishonor upon a dying woman. The public was outraged; many of her detractors actually booed the queen when she went out in public.It would take an engagement and marriage for Queen Victoria to regain her reputation.

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