Reasons To Love The Monsoon
1. Low numbers
The steady flow of lobster red tourists in the high season trickles to a mere drip when the rains come. For adventurous tourists this can be a major boon better prices, hotels and dhows all to yourself, and a more authentic experience. For residents it can be a time to just enjoy a slower pace of life and a little more room in the streets.
2. Better sleep
I cant be alone in thinking that theres something about the heavy rains of April and May that increase the pull of gravity. Woken up in the middle of the night by its beginning, the woosh of a heavy pour is the best lullaby. REM cycles go deeper and sleep can last for hours. For someone who usually sleeps fitfully at best, the deep slumber of the rainy season is a treat.
3. The smell
The spice island itself generally smells pretty fabulous, but a few locations in Stone Town can often get a little. ripe around garbage collection time. When the clouds open, all that gets washed away. The smell after the rain is one of lifes great pleasures, and with a soupcon of aromatic spices in the mix, including glorious cloves, it can be intoxicating.
4. Soak up some culture
If youre usually a beach bum, a rainy day might be just what you need to force you to get off the lounge chair and exchange the rays for a little culture. Zanzibars live music, museums and architecture deserve as much love as its fabulous coastline.
5. Get a little closer
A rainy day is the perfect excuse to cuddle on the couch with the object of your affection. If youre unattached but have your eye on someone, try to get caught in the rain near their house theyll invite you in, make you tea, before you know it, here comes a baby in a baby carriage. Just call me Cupid.

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