Salaries of WWE Superstars
Top Salaries of WWE Superstars in 2015. . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Brock Lesnar Dollar 2 million
Usually when wrestling is brought up someone immediately has to shout out its fake!. Genius. Of course its not real fighting as Bobby Heenan once said a fight lasts 30 seconds not 30 minutes. Its not fighting of course its gladiators performing extreme ballet. Its a suspension of disbelief. And no one suspends belief like Brock. Theres nothing pretend about the physical ferocity of Lesnar. He conquered the WWE and then decided to conquer the UFC striking a blow for wrestlers everywhere. Brock wrestles a far reduced schedule for the WWE as a special attraction and is rewarded handsomely for it. He is a huge draw and one of the best things going in the WWE. His salary for his new WWE contract has not yet been revealed only that its for three years. With WWE really seeing Lesnars value now we can assume he received a significant raise.

Roman Reigns Dollar 245 000
Titus ONeil Dollar 335050
Goldust Dollar 725000
Miz Dollar 712000
Dolph Ziggler Dollar 900000
Kofi Kingston Dollar 354200
Zack Ryder Dollar 535000
Christian Dollar 595000

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