Salaries of WWE Superstars
Top Salaries of WWE Superstars in 2015. . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
The Undertaker Dollar 2 Point 25 million
The elder statesman the conscience the backbone of the company. The Undertaker has reinvented himself through several eras remaining connected with the fans and providing some classic matches. His WrestleMania streak built so quietly at first and grew to the level of mainstream news. Undertaker only wrestles one match a year now but you cant deny that his presence remains a huge selling Point for every WrestleMania.

The Undertaker Dollar 2 Point 25 million
Bad News Barrett Dollar 445000
Ryback Dollar 665000
Miz Dollar 712000
Seth Rollins Dollar 310000
Rusev Dollar 725000
Mark Henry Dollar 877000
John Cena Dollar 2 Point 75 million

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