Selfie Ideas
Learning how to pose for a selfie will make a much bigger difference in how you look in the photo. . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Capture a good angle
Show off something new
Be sure to smile or do something cheerful
Focus on one feature
Have an interesting expression
Take a full length photo
Try a natural look
Snap a photo of your shoes
Know which poses are considered passe
Pay attention to good lighting
Use your phones back camera
Dont use a mirror unless
Consider the background of your picture
Watch out for photo bombers
Grab a few more people to be in the photo
Experiment with filters
Edit the photo
Upload it to all your feeds
Get in on trends
Make sure the setting is appropriate
Show yourself in water
The two handed selfie
Experiment with Angles
Adjust your shoulder placement
Stand in the Light
Pose with Something New
Do something interesting
Take a Full Body Shot
Release Your Cameras Shutter the Easy Way
Extend your Neck Forward
Optimize your background
Ugly selfies
Milestone selfies
Shadow selfies
Show Your Sense of Humor
Focus on a Theme
Try a Different Perspective
The classy pose
The just out of bed pose
Pose while doing something fun
Capture your Pout
The Wet look
The couple selfie
The Mirror selfie
The Silhouette click
The Candid pose
Reflection shots
Posing with your Feet
The your getting ready pose
Capture your best feature
Background light is bad
Light from front is good
Natural light gives best results
Avoid too strong light
Avoid florescent light
Clean your surroundings
Come in front of a beautiful background
Say cheese smile please
Check out your teeth
Decide about angle
Focus on your face
Use flash from a distance
Steady your camera
Use camera timer

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