Snow White
Snow White is a kind and gentle princess, with lips red as a rose and skin white as snow.
1. Snow White Step 1
Long ago, in a faraway place, there lived a lovely princess named Snow White. Her hair was black as coal, her lips red as rose, and her skin as white as snow. Snow Whites stepmother, the Queen, was very cruel.
2. Snow White Step 2
She hated anyone who was more beautiful than she. The Queen treated Snow White like a servant. Snow White never complained. She was obedient and hard working, but she dreamed of a handsome prince who would take her away to his castle. One day, while drawing water from the well, a handsome stranger did appear, charmed by Snow Whites singing.
3. Snow White Step 3
But Snow White was too shy to speak to him. Inside the castle, the Queen asked her magic mirror, Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? Every day the mirror had the same reply. You are the fairest, he told her. And the Queen was content for another day.
4. Snow White Step 4
But as Snow White grew older, she also grew more beautiful. And the Queen became very jealous. One day the magic mirror told the Queen that someone else was the fairest in the land. It was the princess, Snow White! In a jealous rage, the Queen called her royal huntsman into the throne room. Take Snow White far into the forest and kill her, she commanded. And as proof of your deed, bring me back her heart in this.
5. Snow White Step 5
She handed the stunned huntsman a beautiful carved box. Poor Snow White, said the hunter to the innocent princess. I cannot kill you. You must run away and hide from the Queen! Snow White was so frightened that she ran off through the dark woods. At last she came to a cottage. Who lives here? Snow White wondered.

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