Solar System
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Uranus is a gas giant planet. But Uranus is a little different as Uranus spins on its side compared to all the other planets and most of the moons in our Solar System. Like Saturn, the thick atmosphere of Uranus is made up of methane, hydrogen and helium. But Uranus is an extremely cold planet and called the "ice giant." Uranus is made up of rock and ice and has a large rocky core. Uranus is almost identical to the planet Neptune.

In astronomy mythology, Uranus was the lord of the skies and husband of Earth and known as Father Sky. It would take you many years to fly a rocket to Uranus. So you would weigh less because Uranus' gravity is not as strong as the Earth's. Assuming you weigh 70 lbs (32 kg) on Earth, you would weigh 62 lbs (28 kg) on Uranus.

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