Rule - How to Play
Starting Boost
Hitting the gas immediately AFTER the GO! signal appears will give you a boost. This can help you avoid the first giant mob collision. The screen will quickly change to a blue color if you get it.

  • Be weary of crews
  • How to play
  • Time your drafting
  • Turn Sharper
  • Always have the best car
  • Drive smarter
  • Drive dirtier
  • Limitations of liability

  • Test your English Language
  • Comics of the Day
  • Isaac Newton
  • Worlds Deadliest Martial Arts
  • Class 9 - Adjective
  • Precautions while using Centrifuge
  • Tips to succeed in Presentation
  • Shoes Runners Want For Christmas
  • Jerusalem
  • Makeup for Valentine's Day
  • Beautiful National Parks Around the World
  • Cute Nail Art Designs
  • Hanuman
  • Mumbai City
  • Class 9 - Quadrilaterals
  • Countries that didnt Exist 25 years Ago
  • Fastest Cars in the world
  • Most Powerful Weapons In History
  • Success Tips For Life
  • The Most Stylish Men Ever
  • Best Foods for Healthy Eyes
  • Top High Speed Bullet Trains
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    In just one drop of liquid, 50 million bacteria can be present
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