Step to finding your perfect man
Every woman dreams of finding that perfect man.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Know Yourself
Look around
Chat Away
Get Out There
Serial Date
Ask around
Dont Waste
Change the rules
Stop being a negative nancy
Work your body
Dance like no ones watching
Fire the shy factor
Three strikes til hes out
Dress to impress
Spend time with the people who make you happy
Do a double take
Flash your pearlies
Believe it
Understand yourself
Dont expect perfection
Be happy being alone
Love yourself
Get some experience
Define the qualities of your dream man
The persons relationship style
The person's interests
Personality traits
Social stance
His ability to get with your friends and family
Family values
Define your deal breakers
If you are missing that physical feeling
Disagreement over something that matters to you
Geographical incompatibility
Get ready to compromise about some things
Know where to look
Be the person you want to marry
Be an interesting person
Make a good first impression
Avoid being codependent
Be real
Dont come on too strong
Dont lose him for lack of affection
Make sure youre compatible
Be patient
Share the same long term goals
Expect a human being
Look in places where you would expect to find someone with the qualities you value
Consider blind dates
Be open to matchmaker services and the Internet
Talk to your family and friends about the kind of man you want
Rise above past mistakes
Know what you are looking for in a man
Evaluate your physical attractiveness
Get a life

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