Strangest New Years Traditions
The Strangest New Year's Traditions From Around The World.
1. Great balls of fire Scotland
From great balls of fire, to possums, grape eating and animal whispering, we reveal the worlds weirdest New Year customs.In Stonehaven, Scotland, there is a custom of parading through the streets on New Years Eve while swinging blazing balls of fire around. The tradition is part of Scotlands Hogmanay celebrations, although its roots trace back to the Vikings.
2. Graveyard camp Chile
Locals inTalca, central Chile, like to see in the new year in the company of their dead relatives. Thought to have begun when a family broke in one year to be near their dead father, the town mayor now opens the graveyard after late night mass and thousands sit surrounded by candles while classical music plays.
3. Animal whispering Romania
Farmers try to hear their animals talk in a ritual which, if successful, signifies not just a Doctor Dolittle gift for communicating with our furry relatives but good luck for the coming year.
4. Mass kissing Venice
St Marks Square is known for holding not only a big firework display over the Basin of St. Mark but for something far more unusual, a mass kiss in in the piazza.
5. Throwing furniture South Africa
Look out below! Its the idea of starting the new year afresh that leads residents of Johannesburg, those in Hillsboro in particular, to throw old furniture out of their windows. Italians follow a similar tradition and, not wanting to be lumbered with anything unwanted, conduct an early spring clean by way of their windows.

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