Sunil Bharti Mittal
Sunil Bharti Mittal is an Indian entrepreneur, philanthropist and the founder, chairman .
1. Biography
Sunil Bharti Mittal, born October 23, 1957 is the Chairman and Managing Director of the Bharti group. The USD 5 billion turnover company runs Indias largest GSM based mobile phone service. The son of a politician, Sunil Mittal is from the town of Ludhiana in Punjab. He has built the Bharti group, along with two siblings, into Indias largest mobile phone operator in just ten years. He has been Chairman & Managing Director of Bharti Group since October 2001.

Residing in Delhi, he is married, with three children. A first generation entrepreneur, he started his first business in 1976 at the age of 18, with a capital investment of Rs 20,000 borrowed from his father. His first business was to make crankshafts for local bicycle manufacturers. In 1980 he sold his bicycle parts and yarn factories and moved to Mumbai. The importing of telecom equipment was banned by the Indian Government as ITI (Indian Telecom Industry) monopoly practices & sole OEM for Department of Telecommunication. He established the first company to manufacture push button telephones in India. He was one of the first Indian entrepreneurs to identify the mobile telecom business as a major growth area and launched services in the city of Delhi and the National Capital Region in the year 1995.

Sunil has received several awards including: Transforming India Leader, NDTV Business Leader Awards 2008. GSMA Chairmans Award 2008 Padma Bhushan in 2007, from the President of India Asia Businessman of the Year, Fortune Magazine 2006 Telecom Person of the Year, Voice & Data, 2006 CEO of the year 2005, at the Frost and Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT awards 2006 Best Asian Telecom CEO, Telecom Asia Awards 2005 Best CEO, India, Institutional Investor, 2005 Business Leader Of The Year, Economic Times, 2005 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2004, Ernst & Young.

2. Family
Sunil is the son of former MP (Member if parliament), Sat Paul and Lalita. He has two brothers, Rakesh and Rajan who helped him built Bharti Group into Indias largest mobile phone operator in just ten years. His father, Sat Paul Mittal, former MP was always in the public eye.
3. Growing Up
Sunil Mittal belongs to an Indian ethnic Baniya family. His father was a former MP (Member of Parliament) and had always been a public figure. Though the financial state of the Mittal family was good enough, Sunil did not want to follow his fathers footsteps and started a business at a very early age.Initially he joined the Wyanberg Allen School in Mussoorie but later he attended Scindhia School at Gwalior. In 1976, Sunil graduated with a Bachelors of Arts and Science, from the Punjab University, Chandigarh.From a very early age Sunil started a business with his two brothers and a friend in 1976, though there was not much struggle in his early life, he chose to work hard and establish his own empire.His father passed away in 1992 due to cardiac arrest, but this did not stop this ambitious telecommunication mogul from pursuing his ambitions.
4. The Ideal Beginning
Mittal started his first business in 1976, which was to make crankshafts for local bicycle manufacturers with a capital investment of 20000, borrowed from his father, when he was only 18 years of age.By 1979, Mittal moved to Mumbai, since he thought Ludhiana was not the place for the fulfillment of his ambitions.Later, in the early 1980s he bought licenses of importing from the exporting companies in Punjab and imported thousand of portable electric power generators from Japan.But suddenly the Indian Government banned the import of generators and all but two licenses were canceled.In 1984, Mittal came up with an idea and started assembling push button phones in India, which were earlier imported by a Taiwan Company, Kingtel, and replaced the old, bulky rotator phones in the country.

It was then, that Bharti Telecommunication Limited was incorporated and tied up in a technical bond with the Siemens AG of Germany for the manufacture of these push button phones. Towards the beginning of the 1990s, Mittal had started making fax machines, cordless phones and other such telecommunication gears. His first series of push button phones was named Mitbro.In 1992, came the lucky break, when the government, for the very first time, began issuing licenses for the mobile phone service. He bid for one license out of the four to be issued and was successful, since one condition was that the bidder should have some experience as a telecommunication operator.Mittal was the very first Indian entrepreneur who saw the mobile telecommunication business as a major growth area. Once his ideas and plan of actions were approved by the government in 1994, Bharti Cellular Limited (BCL) was founded in 1995 and the brand Airtel was launched.The BCL played a major role in bringing a major downfall in the STD and Local rates under a brand name Indiaone. To create Bharti Comtel, Mittal even attracted many key executives from Reliance ADAG, NIS Sparta. A joint venture deal with the Wal mart, the US retail giant was struck by Mittal in November 2006, to start a chain of retail stores across India.

5. Conjugal Relationship
Sunil is married to Nyna and has three children, one daughter, Eisha and twin sons, Kavin and Sharvin.

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