Table Etiquettes
Presenting an app that will mould you and teach you to be a true gentleman.
1. Placement of utensils
Always place utensils and cutlery from left to right placing fork, plate, knife (blades facing the plate) and spoon
2. Placement of food
Always place bread and butter to the left of the plate and drinks to the right. The napkin goes either to the left of the fork or on plate.
3. Placement of the napkin
Unfold and place the napkin on your lap. If it is a large napkin, unfold half and place it on your lap.
4. Passing the food
As a rule the food dishes are passed to the person sitting to your right but common sense says that if a person is sitting a few places away on the left, you may pass it to him/her instead of going all the way from right.
5. Getting started a
Break the bread, get through the soup and take the main course that is passed or served.

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