Terrifying Rulers of The Underworld
Avantian people are turning into terrifying hounds! they are taken by a ruler .. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Supay was the Incan god of the dead and ruler of the underworld. Because his domain was in the deep earth, he was also known as the god of minerals and was often the object of miners rituals. Despite the wealth Supay worship could supposedly bring, he demanded human sacrifices to populate his kingdomspecifically, children. It was said that he demanded 100 children sacrificed to him annually. When Spanish missionaries arrived in the Incan kingdom, they likened Satan to Supay.

This led to a bit of confusion among the natives, since the tradition was to plead that Supay not harm them instead of simply rejecting him. Further confounding the Spaniards was that they arrived calling themselves children of god. They had meant it in the sense that they were Christians, but the Incas took it literally. Later, though, after the Incas realized the Spaniards true character, they began calling their unwanted guests the children of Supay.

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