Terrifying Rulers of The Underworld
Avantian people are turning into terrifying hounds! they are taken by a ruler .
1. Susanoo
In some of the earliest Shinto texts, Susanoo is the god of the underworld. He was banished from heaven after offending both the creator god and his sister, the sun goddess. He descended to the underworld after a period of adventuring on Earth. He then became its master. Susanoo was a cruel god, especially to his own family. Legend says that his son, Okuninushi, descended to the underworld to marry his halfsister. There, Susanoo put him through all sorts of torturous trials. He threw him into a pit of snakes then locked him in a room full of wasps. When Okuninushi survived with the aid of his wife, his father shot an arrow into a moor and told him to retrieve it. Once he was inside, Susanoo set fire to it.

Okuninushi again survived with the help of an underworld mouse and finally escaped by tying his fathers hair to the rafters as he slept. Since Susanoo and his progeny were the patrons of the Izumo clan, a rival to the ruling family, many tales about him were ancient political propaganda. The sacred texts of the Shinto creation myths were compiled by the ruling family, who legend says were the divine descendants of the sun goddess. Susanoo, while powerful, is always portrayed as subordinate to his sister. His sons image suffers as well. Charged with taming the land, he fails in his duty and ultimately gives his reign over to the more capable descendants of the sun goddess, whom she had sent to bring order to the world.
2. Batara Kala
Batara Kala is a Javanese demon god who rules the underworld with his wife Setesuyara. Kala was born when creator god Batara Gurus chief consort rejected his sexual advances while flying through the heavens. Poorly timed, his semen spilled into the ocean and was eaten by a fish, which gave birth to the god of the underworld.HIs consort, Uma, was later banished to the world, where she raised the ogrelike Batara Kala. Kala had an enormous appetite, which his father took pity on by permitting him to eat any inedible object on Earth. During this divine tastetesting, though, Kala sampled human flesh. Developing a taste for it, Batara Guru allowed his son to eat certain kinds of humans.

Among the kind Kala is permitted to eat are children without siblings, children who have two siblings of the opposite sex, and people who break certain social codes. Ceremonies are carried out on children to stave off the voracious god of the underworld.
3. Ereshkigal
Ereshkigal was the Mesopotamian goddess of the underworld. There was no judgment or punishment under her rule, only equality. All souls under her dominion were equals, even other gods. The way to her underworld was called the Road of No Return. On it, departed souls would pass through seven gates where they would be stripped of their possessions, even their clothes, entering Ereshkigals realm with absolutely nothing. It was a dark and dreary world where the shades of the dead sucked on clay and dust. She was a vengeful goddess. At one point, she threatened to raise every soul under her thumb into the realm of the livingan army of the dead. All the gods had been invited to a feast by their king. He could not travel to her abode, nor she to his, so a compromise was reached. Her portion of the feast would be taken to her by one of the goddesss messengers. When he arrived, Nergal, the god of disease, failed to rise to greet him.

Ereshkigal was furious and demanded that Nergal come to her realm so she could kill him. When he came, she offered him a series of poisonous gifts, but Nergal refused them on the advice of his father and escaped. Even angrier now that she had failed, Ereshkigal demanded that he be returned to her lest she raise her undead army. Nergal returned, but he came accompanied by a host of demons. He overpowered the goddess, who then offered him her hand in marriage if he would spare her life. He accepted, and the couple thenceforth ruled the underworld together.
4. Supay
Supay was the Incan god of the dead and ruler of the underworld. Because his domain was in the deep earth, he was also known as the god of minerals and was often the object of miners rituals. Despite the wealth Supay worship could supposedly bring, he demanded human sacrifices to populate his kingdomspecifically, children. It was said that he demanded 100 children sacrificed to him annually. When Spanish missionaries arrived in the Incan kingdom, they likened Satan to Supay.

This led to a bit of confusion among the natives, since the tradition was to plead that Supay not harm them instead of simply rejecting him. Further confounding the Spaniards was that they arrived calling themselves children of god. They had meant it in the sense that they were Christians, but the Incas took it literally. Later, though, after the Incas realized the Spaniards true character, they began calling their unwanted guests the children of Supay.
5. Mot
Mot was the unloved Semitic god of death. He had no worshipers, leading some to speculate that the deity was likened to a force of nature. He was the jaws of death. His underworld was a dark and muddy place linked to his gullet. It was said that his bottom lip touched Earth, while his top reached the heavens. He was depicted as having a voracious appetite, which he even once defended when another deity complained about it. Mot was so feared that the other gods were warned not to get to close to him, lest they be swallowed. It was a warning that not all took to heart.Mot was believed to have come into conflict with Baal, god of rains and storms. Baal had been setting himself up as the supreme deity among the Semitic gods. His only fear, though, was Mot. Baal feared Mot to the point where he built his divine palace without windows to keep the rival deity out.

Texts about the story are damaged and often illegible, but it is clear that the two ended up battling despite Baals best efforts. Mot simply devoured him. Fortunately for Baal, his wife was a warrior goddess. After Baal was defeated. she attacked and slew Mot, ground his body into powder, and sowed it in the fields. Baal was reborn, but so was Mot. The two did battle once more, though Mot fled at the intervention of the sun god.

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