The Best Bulletproof Cars
these are a few of the best bulletproof vehicles you can buy today.
1. MercedesBenz S600 Guard
This is the ultimate in luxury and performance but not the type of performance you might expect: this is the new MercedesBenz S600 Guard.
Its an armoured car with militarygrade protection (thats where the performance comes in) that combines antiterrorist ability with supreme luxury. If youre an Alist celeb, a paranoid politician or just want to up your personal security, then an S600 Guard or one of these other armoured cars could be just the way to increase your defence level.
2. MercedesBenz S600 Guard VR9 protection levels
The S600 Guards protection levels are officially rated at the militaryVR9 grade for both thetransparent and nontransparent areas. This means itll stop bullets from a highpowered, extra armourpiercing rifle travelling at 2,800ft per second thats around 1,910mph.
The VR9 rating also means itll shrug off shrapnel from hand grenades, hence why the cars window glass is this thick.
3. MercedesBenz S600 Guard engine and performance
The engine bay is obviously protected, too, so you dont loose motive force if you need to get away.
Providing the propulsion for you to flee is Mercedes 530hp twinturbo V12. The standard S600 L sprints from 062mph in 4.6 seconds, but we reckon the added weight of all that armour will slightly dull the performance. The blastrepelling mass means top speed is limited to 130mph.
4. MercedesBenz S600 Guard runflat tyres
If your assailant should be so, disrespectful, as to puncture your cars rubber, no problem youll be able toescape from the danger zone for up to 30km [19mph] even with damaged tyres. Reassuring to note.
While you or your chauffeur is doing so, youll be able to relax (as long as youre no longer being fired upon, of course) in all the luxury youd expect from an SClass. Plus there are plenty of autonomous safety features so you dont have a crash and damage your car even further.
5. What is the Audi A8 L Security
The MercedesBenz S600 Guard supersedes this, the Audi A8 L Security, as the latest German tank masquerading as a super saloon on the market.
Just like the Merc and offerings from BMW, as well see the A8 L Luxury meets protection head on, but this big Audi limo is cleverer than it first appears.

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