The Best Cars
the best cars and SUVs on the market, as defined by the experts. Compare vehicles by body style, pr
1. 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe
Cadillacs first compact luxury coupe was a disappointment from a style viewpoint. Theres a new crest in the middle of the trademark giant front grille of this vehicle, but that, and its more agile handling, isnt enough to set it apart from other luxury competitors. Cadillacs car is designed to bring additional younger buyers to the brand, but its boxy shape may not be enough to draw them from nameplates. 
2. Acura TLX Prototype
This sedan was designed to replace the TL, but theres not much to embrace about its styling. Acuras trademarkJewel Eye LED headlightsare a bright spot, but the rest of the vehicle is uninteresting and too safe to attract much notice. It likely wont cause current buyers to flee the brand, but it may not be successful in attracting converts, with all the other sizzling luxury offerings in the market.
3. 2015 Volkswagen Passat
This new product doesnt bring any surprising styling from a vehicle in a segment not known for bold designs. Though it gets an impressive 42 miles per gallon in fuel economy, that factor alone is unlikely to sell the vehicle. Theres nothing to new capture ones attention, and it could easily blend in with previous model year Passats.
4. Chevrolet Corvette Z06
No auto show would be complete without Chevys quintessential sports car. It could be considered blasphemy in some circles to chastise this new model, but the Corvette now has plenty of tough competition in the luxury performance car segment, and this latest model does little to make it stand out. Chevrolet hasnt done much to overhaul its exterior. Perhaps thats because the automaker is reluctant to tinker with an icon. That may not be the wisest decision, with so many cool models of a similar class nipping at its heels
5. Subaru 2015 WRX STI
The first thing one notices on this car is a large, rectangular, rear spoiler that sticks up like an obstruction. Theres also ahood scoopthat provides a supply of fresh air for cooling, but its placed conspicuously on top of the car, resulting in an odd, unappealing shape. Subaru points to narrower headlightsdesigned to evoke a raptors starethat flank the grille, which do make the front of the car more interesting. The overall shape, though, is standard and falls short.

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