The Best bits of Brazil
Brazil: the best bits.
1. Paraty
Paraty is a gorgeous Portuguese colonial town set against a pristine backdrop of jungle and mountains topped with whippedcream clouds. Although it is flourishing as a tourist destination, it is not yet overcrowded.
You can mooch along, take in the sights and then zip off to Ilha Grande, a lush island that has no roads only walking paths through the jungle. A lot of tour operators do trips to Paraty, Ilha Grande and the surrounding islands its a great way to experience the Costa Verde, which is the spectacular velvety green stretch between Rio de Janeiro and Sčo Paulo.
2. Florian Polis
Isnt it pretty? Your toes will delight in digging into the sugary soft, white sand on the shore, which sits between the green mountains and an aquamarine sea. Most of the people who come here are urban Brazilians looking to escape winter (such as supermodel Gisele Bündchen), so you can choose between sunbathing on the beautiful coastline during the day, and partying hard at night.
3. Pantanal
Birdnerd paradise abounds in the Pantanal, one of the largest freshwater wetlands of its kind in the world. Along with the riot of colour in the air, all sorts of aquatic and landbased beasties live in and around its waters. Jaguars and pumas roam around, as well as crocodiles, caimans and our personal favourite the crabeating fox. During the rainy season, about 80% of the plains are underwater, which allows all sorts of flora and fauna to flourish.
4. Braslia
Most people assume that either Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro is the capital of Brazil. In fact, it is the futuristiclooking Brasília. Oscar Niemeyer is responsible for a lot of the angular architecture and unusual silhouettes dotting the landscape the cathedral, pictured, is one such example. It has the honour of being the only city built in the 20th century that has Unesco world heritage site status.
People who dont like the mess and chaos associated with cities will love this place it really does resemble the clean, orderly scifi utopias were used to seeing in Hollywood films.
5. Caves and rivers of Bonito
Scarily beautiful, luminescent waters can be found in the pools of Bonito, a city which is surrounded by natural conservation areas. What causes the startling colour? Bedrocks of calcium in the region result in the crystalclear water found in its waterfalls, springs and lagoons and caverns with deep blue lakes and rivers.

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