The Crocodile and Monkey
It is the most interesting story,The Crocodile and The Monkey short story for kids.
1. The Crocodile and Monkey Step 1
There lived a Crocodile in a lake surrounded by green grasses, sweetest jamun trees and beautiful mountains.
2. The Crocodile and Monkey Step 2
There also lived a happy Monkey at the jamun tree near the lake.
3. The Crocodile and Monkey Step 3
The Monkey and the Crocodile became friends with each other.
4. The Crocodile and Monkey Step 4
The Crocodile would visit the Monkey each day. The Monkey used to offer him with sweet jamun fruits from the tree.
5. The Crocodile and Monkey Step 5
One day, the Crocodile took the Jamun fruits to his wife.

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