The Golden Egg
The Golden Egg is quite interesting to all the people. Enjoy reading this story.
1. The Golden Egg Step 1
Haria, a poor barber lived alone in his small hut. He was dedicated to his work. And whatever he earns was enough to fulfill his needs.
2. The Golden Egg Step 2
One evening, after returning from work, Haria was hungry. What shall I cook tonight?he thought. Just then he heard a hen clucking outside his hut. That hen would make a great feast for me,thought Haria and prepared to catch the hen.
3. The Golden Egg Step 3
With a little effort he was able to catch the hen. As he was about to kill the hen, it squeaked, Please do not kill me, O kind man! I will help you.Haria stopped. Though he was surprised that the hen spoke, he asked, How can you help me?
4. The Golden Egg Step 4
If you spare my life, I will lay a golden egg everyday for you,said the hen. Harias eyes got widened in delight. Haria was surprised to hear this promise. A golden egg! That too everyday! But why should I believe you? You might be lying,said Haria. If I do not lay a golden egg tomorrow, you can kill me,said the hen. After this promise, Haria spared the hen and waited for the next day.
5. The Golden Egg Step 5
The next morning, Haria found a golden egg lying outside his hut and the hen sitting beside it. It is true! You really can lay a golden egg!exclaimed Haria with great delight. He did not reveal this incident to any one, fearing that others would catch the hen.

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