The Highest Speed Cars in the world
The Highest Speed Cars in the world.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Dauer 962 Le Mans Porsche
Dauer 962 LM is one of the most impressive supercars to have been ever built since it was the first ever supercar to be rechristened for road use. Hence it was no wonder that it could out perform perform popular compatriots like McLaren F1s. The Porsche 962 endurance race car being the most popular racing car ever built was a phenomenal success in its heydays winning five World Sportscar Championships and 6 Le Mans although at times it did face resistance from the likes of Jaguar XJR series and the Silver Arrow (Mercedes Benz). Hence, to pay homage to the Porsche 962s sporting triumphs and on account of the Supercar Boom of the 1990s, Dauer decided to create the ultimate Supercar by modifying the iconic Porsche thereby creating the design of the 962 LM supercar.

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