The Worlds Most Magnificent Mosques
Mosques are beautiful, sacred places, and with Islam as the fastest growing religion.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Great Mosque of Xian China
The Silk Road trade routes brought more to China than mere commercial gain. In the 7th century merchants from Persia and Afghanistan also brought their religion and those who settled became the forefathers of the countrys Muslim community. Built in 742, under the Tang dynasty, the Great Mosque of X??n is truly unique and as beguiling as the citys more famous Terracotta Warriors. Despite this being a holy Muslim site, theres nothing remotely Islamic about the design. With ornate arched pergolas, verdant landscaped gardens and nary a minaret in sight, the untrained eye would be forgiven for thinking this is a classic Chinese temple.

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Great Mosque of Xian China

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