Things Vegetarians Get Really Good
Things Vegetarians Get Really Good At. For everyone who celebrates Take Your Box of Veggie Burgers.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Bringing your own veggie burgers to your friends cookout
Interrogating waiters
Wheres Waldo ing the hidden meat in pasta salads
Living off Amys products
Making a mean peanut butter and jelly
Eating a LOT of pasta at restaurants
Reading ingredient labels like a ninja
Ignoring people who say things like Hitler was a vegetarian so I cant trust you
Being the one person to reply to invitations that ask if anyone has any dietary restrictions
Can you eat animal crackers Ha ha
But how do you get enough pr
Eating before you go to a wedding
Dealing with dates who say theyll take it as a challenge to break you and get you to eat meat
Bringing your own lunch to work because fast food has pretty much zero options for you
Avoiding chicken broth
Making sure to ask if the restaurants veggie burger is homemade
Assembling a cute plate of side dishes at Thanksgiving and holidays
Feeling less guilty when a host makes you your own special vegetarian entree
Handling places where the salad option is basically this
Having really good snack game
Turning down 75 percentage of the free samples at Costco
Bringing home an A plus farmers market haul
Watching out for gelatin
Being sarcastic with people who are like But its fish Here just try it
Explaining that this isnt all you eat
Enjoying a life built around so many meat free AND delicious foods

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