Tips for Best Student in the class
Here are the top tips you need to know on how to be the best student in your class.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Learn in a way that works for you
Everyone learns best in different ways; this is called a learning style.[1] Find a way that works for you and try to learn that way as much as you can. Youll have more control over this when you study at home, but you can also talk to your teacher about adjusting how the lessons are taught to include more variety for different style learners.For example, have you noticed that its really easy for you to remember charts or pictures? This means you might be a visual learner, which means you should use more images and pictures in order to learn. An example of this would be if you drew yourself a chart to memorize the parts of speech.Maybe youve noticed that you have an easier time studying when you listen to music quietly or that you cant remember what your teacher wrote on the board but you can hear what they said in your head as if they were in the room now. This means you might be an auditory learner, which means you learn better with sound. An example of this would be if you record your teacher when theyre talking so that you can listen to it while you do your homework or study.Maybe youve noticed that, during a lesson, you feel like you still want to pay attention but you really need to stand up or move around. Maybe you pace around your room while you study. This might mean that you are a kinesthetic learner, which means you learn better when youre doing things with your body. Try playing with a piece of clay in your hand while your teacher talks.

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