Tips for Best Student in the class
Here are the top tips you need to know on how to be the best student in your class.
1. Be Attentive
Paying attention to everything which is taught in the class is the simplest way to do well in class. Its the key to win the appreciation of your teacher as well as score excellent marks in exams. Do remember not to get distracted by anything else while studying inside the classroom.
2. Make Notes
If you dream to excel in exams then remember one thing Never forget to make notes of whatever is taught in the classroom. Jot down all important points.
3. Participate in Discussions
More than just paying attention participate as well! Participating in discussions is certainly a great way to please your teachers in the best possible way.
4. Dont hesitate to Ask Questions
Its not wrong to ask questions or raise doubts as many times as you want. Remember that geniuses are full of doubts! Also, asking questions will leave a positive impression on you teacher as well.
5. Neat handwriting is the key
Bad handwriting is one of the biggest reasons when a brilliant student loses points in a test or homework. Make sure you have a good handwriting.

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