Tips for Best Student in the class
Here are the top tips you need to know on how to be the best student in your class.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Be Attentive
Make Notes
Participate in Discussions
Dont hesitate to Ask Questions
Neat handwriting is the key
Go to school with a positive attitude to learn
Hard Work
Support At Home
Take Hard Classes
Show Up Every Time
Sit in the Front Row
Ask Questions
Create a Study Space
Do All the Work Plus More
Make Practice Tests
Form or Join a Study Group
Use One Planner
Make the library your best friend
Brush up on your presentation
Attend all your lectures
Study at university
Find a study buddy
Use the Textbook
Use Time Wisely
Attend All Your Classes
Get your brain and body ready to learn
Learn in a way that works for you
Pay attention
Learn how to take notes
Do your homework on time and well
Look for extra ways to learn
Study earlier
Be respectful
Ask for help
Never start trouble
Stay on top of your work
Make people feel good not bad

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