Tips for Hosting a Xmas Party
Hosting an elegant Christmas party typically involves fancy foods and divine decor.
1. Party Favors
What elegant Christmas party would be complete without a favor for your guests to take home to remember the magnificent evening? Your best bet for any party favor is to think of something that your guests will actually use. For that reason, food is always a great party favor.

If you serve a special kind of cookie or candy that everyone always raves about, wrap up a little to-go portion for your guests to take home and enjoy later. Or, choose something more permanent, like a tree ornament. Every year your guests can hang it on their tree and remember your fabulous and elegant Christmas party.
2. Valet Parking
You certainly dont want your nicely dressed guests parking down the street and then surfing back to your house on the ice and snow, so if you want to leave no stone unturned, consider hiring a valet company. Sure, you could have your nephew and his friends do it for a little pocket cash, but remember, they wont be insured if something happens to one of the cars in their care. If you want to keep your guests from feeling obliged to tip, offer to pay the valets a little more and ask them to decline tips.
3. Dress Code
If youre going to spend the time and money to plan an upscale affair, then you probably dont want your guests showing up in sweaters and jeans. If you run with a crowd that has evening wear readily available in their closest, then go ahead and make it a black tie affair. But if a tux rental could be a deal breaker for some of your nearest and dearest, just ask them to wear their Sunday best. Whatever you decide, be sure to state dress requests on your invite.
4. Drinks
The ideal scenario for an elegant Christmas party is a full bar stocked with top shelf liquors and plenty of mixers, especially because it will finally give you a chance to use all of your specialty bar ware from your wedding registry thats been gathering dust in your cupboards.

Even if you just offer one type each of scotch, rum and vodka, most of your guests should be happy. Also, be sure to have a selection of beer and wine and some non-alcoholic options for the designated drivers. For an added touch, offer a seasonal signature cocktail, such as rum-spiked eggnog.
5. Food
A typical upscale affair usually includes a sit down dinner, but depending on the size of your party, you may not have enough seating for all of your guests. If thats the case, heavy hors doeuvres served buffet style is perfectly acceptable.As far as types of foods, if you want to pull out all the stops, you can impress your guests with the likes of caviar and all the trimmings. If thats a little over the top for even your most elegant friends, a fancy shrimp cocktail will suffice.Regardless of how you serve it, the food should be high quality, substantial, and served on proper plates instead of plastic ware. If your budget allows, we highly recommend that you get a caterer so that you can just be the hostess.

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