Tips for Perfect Reception Party
tips are essential for every bride and groom in the planning phase of their reception.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Take Stock of Your Location
Get Glowing
Dress Up Your Entryway
Work with What You Have
Choose a Theme
Do not Overlook Small Details
Think Outside the Box
Size Up Your Centerpieces
Build in Flexibility
Tackle Big Tasks First
Know Your Time Line
Send Save the Dates
Invite Carefully
Get It in Writing
Map Out Your Space
Arrange for a Backup
Enlist Help
Do not Let the Seams Show
Whip Up Affordable Favors
Go for Daytime Drama
Narrow Your Tables
Reuse Your Blooms
Play with Time
Consider a Full Service Deal
Stay in One Place
Rethink Humble Decorations
Put Big Smiles on Little Faces
Eschew the Receiving Line
Tame the Toasts
Break the Ice
Set a Time Limit
Add Thoughtful Extras
Restrain Yourselves
Keep Your Helpers Happy
Offer Small Amusements
Have Fun with Finger Food
Show Off a Beautiful Cake
Be Seated
Set Up a Nonalcoholic Bar
Streamline the Bar
Stick with One Entree
Limit Your Courses
Serve a Mini Meal
Have It Both Ways
Build the Best Band
Offer Guidelines
Keep Mealtime Tunes Soft
Ask What they will Wear
Depart in Style
Show Appreciation

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