tips for smart work

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Tips for Smart Work

Being smart at work has become quintessential to getting noticed and tasting success in office.
1. Smart company
Your circle of friends in office defines the kind of person you are. Like minded people always flock together, so it is important to choose your company wisely. Not everyone in office gets a chance to know you personally. Do not give them a wrong picture. Steer clear from whiney and loud people. If they are unavoidable then take extraefforts tomove out and bond with the rest.
2. Smart reputation
A popular and candid person is more likely to quickly progress in life. It might seem unfair as a quiet personmay be equally good at work. Butunfortunatelyit is true. A person who is more vocal and engaging winsa promotion faster. (Also read: 4 ways to get ahead in your company)
3. Smart conversations with seniors
cement their belief in you. It is imperative to be in touch with seniors for them to know you. Brief them from time to time about your work, likes and dislikes. Leave no scope for hesitation on their part about your work and you, at the time of appraisal.
4. Smart you
Be diligent towards work. Never stop learning in your job. Never say no to work. All talk and no work will also land you nowhere. Be reliable. (Also read: 6 Good work habits for every employee)
5. Assess everything that needs to be done
Before you plunge into something headfirst, remember that enthusiasm needs to be tempered with wisdom. Look over every aspect of the job, and allow yourself amplepondering time so that you can be sure that every detail is accomplished on time and accurately.
6. Make an outline
Whether its in your head or on paper, you should have a checklist in mind and follow it in order. You dont want to repeat steps, duplicate the efforts of others, make mistakes or forget anything.
7. Learn to say no
Avoid over scheduling yourself and be realistic about what you can accomplish in a single day. Sometimes you just have to cut yourself off because in most professions, there is almost always something that could be done.
8. Limit your goals
Try to avoid multi tasking because you often get less done since your brain is switching back and forth between tasks. Pick one thing to work on and put your best effort into that until it is accomplished.
9. Control clients by communicating properly
Make sure your clients will understand what the normal turnaround time will be for a project. Do not be influenced by their insistence that their job requires a big rush. Most businesses have more than one client, yet many clients forget that their job is not the only one youre working on.

Give one to three choices never more. Handing a swatch book to a client and saying,Tell me which colors you are interested in is deadly. Too many choices will cause horrible delays as the customer peruses ALL possibilities and later tends to second guess every decision. Instead, say things like,Do you like this blue or this green better?
10. Never accept a bad job
You know when a job is going to be great. A client or boss who pressures you into areas where you are not comfortable, either because it is an unreasonable expectation or because its outside your scope, needs to be made immediately aware of your discomfort with the job as proposed. If you are self employed, declining a job like this is much smarter even though its hard to let money go.

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